Room Sponsorship

2024-2025 Room Sponsorships are open!

Sponsoring a room at the Conrad Mansion is a great way to support the Mansion and help us preserve Kalispell’s cultural and community history. 

 For more information on how you or your business can sponsor a room, please call us at 406-755-2166 or email

The Great Hall

Available to Sponsor!


The Music Room

Sponsored by 

Ray & Ladeine Thompson

The Library

Available to Sponsor!


The Dining Room

Available to Sponsor!


The Fernery

Sponsored by 

Walt & Chare’ Largent

The Trunk Room

Available to Sponsor!


The Kitchen

Sponsored by

Rob Braig

The Anteroom

Sponsored by 

Mary Meister, in loving memory of volunteer, Bob Meister

The Nursery

Sponsored by 

Teri Iwerson

The Antique Room

Sponsored by

D.A. Davidson & Co.

The Grey Bedroom

Sponsored by 

Don & Sharon Pearson, in memory of their Grammas

The Violet Bedroom

Sponsored by

Chris Vick, in memory of the Conrad Family


The Blue Bedroom

Sponsored by 

Tracy & Devon Anderson of Amore’ Salon

The Master Bedroom

Sponsored by 

Suzy Williams


The Rose Bedroom

Sponsored by 

Beth Collier

Second Floor Bathroom

Sponsored by 

Mary Meister, in loving memory of volunteer, Bob Meister 

The Billiard Room

Sponsored by 

John King, A.J. King, & Karen Rosenberg in loving memory of their parents, Jack and Almeda King 


The Sewing Room

Sponsored by 

Quilt Gallery

The Children's Playroom

Available to Sponsor!


The Sky Office

Sponsored by 

Snappy Sport Senter 

The Laundry Room

Sponsored by 

High Country Linen

The Taxidermy Display Room

Sponsored by 

Gary & Lynn Havens

Third Floor Bathroom

Sponsored by 

Plumb-Rite Plumbing

Grandmother's Hallway

Sponsored by 

Lucy Smith in memory of dear friend, Mark Norely 

The Gift Shop

Sponsored by 

First Interstate Bank 


The Carriage House

Sponsored by 

Everit and Nikki Sliter 


The Gazebo

Available to Sponsor!


Drac, the Conrad Cat

Sponsored by 

Mark & Judy Schickendantz 

About the Room Sponsorship program

In 1974, Alicia Conrad Campbell, the youngest daughter of Charles and Alicia Conrad, donated her family’s magnificent home and its contents to the City of Kalispell in memory of her parents and in tribute to their pioneering, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic spirit. We believe you understand the importance of growing community staying connected to the historical richness of its early beginnings. We believe you appreciate the value of showing others by your example that you really mean it when you say you support Kalispell’s cultural sites and treasures. And that is why we are asking you to consider becoming a Room Sponsor of the Conrad Mansion Museum. By supporting the Conrad Mansion, you will help to continue the mission of historical preservation and active community interaction. Thousands of Valley residents and visitors will see the strong support the Mansion has from our sponsors, the inheritor “descendants” of our founding family’s vision.

Thank You To Our 2023-2024 Room Sponsors!

Our Little Farm Montana Getaway, The Great Hall

Ray and Ladeine Thompson, The Music Room

Flathead Electric Cooperative, The Library

Walt & Chare’ Largent, The Fernery

Cate Webber, The Butler’s Pantry

Rob Braig of D.A. Davidson, The Kitchen

Mary Meister, The Anteroom, in loving memory of volunteer Bob Meister

Dr. Larry and Teri Iwersen, the Nursery

Don & Sharon Pearson, The Grey Bedroom, in memory of our Grammas

DA Davidson, The Antique Room

The Conrad Family for Honoring Catherine Davenport Conrad & Alicia Conrad Vick, The Violet Bedroom

Ed & Sue Corrigan, The Gun/Trunk Room

Tracey Anderson of Amore Salon & Day Spa, The Blue Bedroom aka Alicia’s Bedroom

Suzy Williams, The Master Bedroom

Mary Meister, The 2nd Floor Bathroom in loving memory of volunteer Bob Meister

John & Cheryl King, A.J. & Gina King, and Karen & Ron Rosenberg,

The Billiard Room, in loving memory of our parents, Jack & Almeda King

Tyler Beebee  Mr. Conrad’s Sky Office

Gary & Lynn Havens, The Taxidermy Room

High Country Linen, The Laundry Room

Lucy Smith, The Grandmother’s Hallway in memory of dear friend, Mark Norley

First Interstate Bank, the Gift Shop 

Everit & Nikki Sliter, The Carriage House

Mark & Judy Schickendantz, The Conrad Mansion Cat