Upcoming Events

In addition to regular season tours, the Conrad Mansion offers several special events throughout the year.

Bridgerton-themed Benefit Soirée

July 31, 2024

On this enchanting evening, the Glacier Symphony Quartet will transport us with the divine notes of the Bridgerton soundtrack, set against the historic grandeur of the Conrad Mansion. Our soirée, a Bridgerton-themed revelry, demands the finest Regency attire. Let us dazzle with silks, satins, and jewels, and indulge in an exquisite high tea sure to delight the senses.

Additionally, there will be a costume contest to determine the ‘diamond’ of our ball, adding a delightful competitive spirit to our elegant gathering. And do not forget to promenade through the gardens, where whispers of romance and intrigue await.

Know that this event is not merely for pleasure; proceeds will benefit both the Glacier Symphony and the Conrad Mansion Museum.

Mark your calendars, secure your tickets, and ready your finery, dear guests. We promise an evening of elegance, charm, and perhaps a hint of scandal.

Historical Fashion Tours

June 27th, 2024
July 25th, 2024
August 22nd, 2024​
September 26th, 2024​

Join fashion historian and textile curator Teresa Knutson, as she guides us through remarkable and rare Victorian garment collection at the Conrad Mansion Museum.
Each year Teresa creates a new historic clothing exhibit focusing on 19th- and 20th-Century fashion. Knutson uses fashion to tell the story of the time period, but also that of the Conrad family, who moved into the mansion in 1895.
These special fashion tours will be held the last Thursday of every month, from June through September, from 5:30-7:00pm at the Conrad Mansion. There will be an optional Q&A session with light refreshments following the tour.
Historical fashion tours are limited to 10 people per group and reservations are required. These tours are family friendly but we do not recommend children under 10 attending. All proceeds benefit the Conrad Mansion Museum.

Fairy Walks in the Garden

Thursdays in September 2024

Did you know that the Conrad’s youngest child, Alicia, believed in fairies? She would let the flowers and plants in the garden grow tall so the fairies could build their magical homes without being seen. Even now, on the most beautiful and warm days of summer we see fairy light coming from the gardens. On very special evenings this summer, you can walk in the gardens and see the fairy houses…

Fairy walks are a free event and are family friendly. Check back often for upcoming Fairy Walk dates this summer. 

Local's Day

September 14th, 2024

In partnership with the Northwest Montana History Museum and the Hockaday Museum of Art, the Conrad Mansion will be participating in Local’s Day! Anyone with a Montana ID will have a reduced ticket price to all three of the Kalispell’s museums. Local’s Day is a fun way to learn about Kalispell’s history and culture while winning fun prizes and completing a scavenger hunt! 

Ghost Tours

October 18th and 19th, 2024
October 25th and 26th, 2024

The number one question Mansion staff and volunteers are asked: Is it haunted? 

Every October, guests are invited to walk the darkened halls with a glimmer of candlelight to guide them. Once inside a room, guests will hear Conrad family ghost stories and other strange happenings that occurred in the Mansion. Who knows, maybe you’ll have your own paranormal experience?

Ghost Tours are a family friendly event; however, we do not recommend children under 10 attending. Tours are offered every 15 minutes and last about one hour. Tickets are $30 per person and will be available on our website on September 15th, 2024. 


October 31, 2024

This Halloween kids and the public are welcome to look inside the Mansion’s windows for some spooky Halloween displays. If you are brave enough to ring the front doorbell, there may be some treats for you!

Christmas Season

December 1st-December 31st, 2024

The Christmas Spirit flows through the Conrad Mansion every December. In the Conrad family tradition, we decorate the Mansion in the traditional Victorian Christmas style!


Regular scheduled Christmas tours are first come, first served. 

To purchase tickets to Christmas events and fundraisers, call 406-755-2166. 


December Self-Guided Christmas Tours: Wednesday-Sunday from 1pm-4pm  

$15 per adult, $13 per senior, $5 per child/teen. Walk-ins welcome. We do not take reservations. 

December Docent-Guided Christmas Tours: Wednesday – Sunday at 10am & 12pm 

$20 per adult, $18 per senior, $10 per child/teen. Walk-ins welcome. We do not take reservations.