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Conrad Mansion's Mailing Address:
PO Box 1041
Kalispell, MT 59903

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Conrad Mansion Museum Staff

Brit Clark, Executive Director 
Joni Lewis, Head Gardener
Robert Olson, Head Caretaker
Lana Bowers, Docent
Cindy Conner, Docent 
Samara Hackley, Docent
Christa Handford, Docent
Hank Handford, Docent
Teresa Knutson, Volunteer Curator of Textiles
Chare’ Largent, Docent
Sharon Pearson, Docent 
Virginia Swan, Docent

Conrad Mansion Museum Board of Directors

  1. Diane Medler, President
  2. Katharine King, Vice-President
  3. Everit Sliter, Treasurer
  4. Carrie Nelson, Secretary
  5. Mary Pat Murphy, Past-President
  6. Sue Corrigan
  7. Gail Erickson 
  8. Gary Havens
  9. Teri Iwersen
  10. Diane Morton-Stout
  11. Tia Robbin
  12. Mark Schickendantz
  13. Chris Vick
  14. Cate Webber